Young Leaders

Right now this Web site is all about young kids and teachers and other adults that work with kids. But as we start this year of developing programs with middle and high schools, we hope that look will change. We're pretty impressed with the power of young people to effect change in schools, communities and beyond. One of my idols is Talia Leman.

She is the Random Kid who started a movement when she was only about 10. Now she's a senior in high school and her first book was just released. We believe that there are many more Talias out there, and we hope we can help you find each other to exchange ideas and get together, even if it is just over the Internet.

There are lots of resources out there for connecting, and we'll share them here, but we'll also post things you send us. So please email us ideas, essays, links, surveys, whatever. Here's some stuff you may be interested in:

  • A few years ago I worked with a group of 7th grade girls at Brody Middle School. They wanted to address the problem of cliques. During that semester they facilitated a workshop for their afterschool group, produced a video and developed this survey. The Clique Survey continues to be one of the most popular of my online surveys. Take it here, and view the results here.
  • The second most popular survey is The Outdoor Bill of Rights. I developed it for the Department of Natural Resources a few years ago to get an idea of what kids are doing outdoors. Here are the results. You can take the survey here.
  • Keep an eye on the News section of this site for scholarships and grants. A lot of the service-learning grant applications need to be written by the kids who are planning the projects. You Can Do It.

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