9th-12th Grade

How do we prepare young adults for the fast-changing world that awaits them when they graduate? What are some good ways to keep kids engaged through graduation? When will high school students see their education as relevant?

And how do we do all those things and connect it to the Core concepts and skills? Keep Iowa Beautiful's Teachers Going Green is working on just that problem. We think service-learning may have the answers. We think you'll agree after you watch this video.

We're working with other organizations to get ideas from young people across the state. To answer the question of how do we make high school relevant, we are promote service-learning as a path to real-life experiences that make real differences in communities. By involving kids directly in the process of developing resources for service learning programs, we hope to bring a dynamic, innovative program to Iowa schools and communities.

In the meantime, we want to provide some tools for you to use as you explore service-learning as an educational best practice. The lessons in this service-learning unit are from Clean and Green, but you can easily adapt them for an older audience. We also recommend using the IPARDC model to elicit youth voice and choice. One of the simplest things you can do to enhance your service-learning program is to incorporate reflection. Here are some tried and true activities to help kids internalize what they learn as they complete projects.

Here are some more easy-to-use resources that address needs expressed by educators and youth development professionals in the Service-Learning Survey we conducted in February 2012--

High School  Service-Learning Unit 

High School Service-Learning

Assertion Jar Facilitator Guide

Backward Planning and Action Facilitator Guide

Citizenship Reflection

Class Service Project

Demonstration Video

Evaluating & Refining Compost Practices

Earth Faces a Serious Problem

Green, What Does It Mean

Investigation Bulletin Board

Photo Reflections




The Listening Project

Wasteland, Art and Transformation

Writing Reflections

High School Diversity Unit

High School Diversity Facilitator Guides: 

1. Culture

2. Cross Cultural Game

3. Social Construction Identification

4. Intersectionality

5. Institutionalized Racism

6. more guides coming soon 

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