6th-8th Grade

How do we channel adolescent energy into productive action? What can we teach them while they’re engaged in the hands-on investigation they need so much at this age? Where can we take them when their energy is just too big for the classroom?
We believe that service-learning provides answers to these questions. And that it can be successfully linked to essential concepts and skills from the Core. We're working with schools and communities across Iowa to find and develop resources to facilitate high-quality service-learning programs that will mesh with the Core just as the lessons for Clean and Green do now. Please watch these pages for frequent updates, but for now here are some resources to explore—(middle school strategy & facilitator guides are now listed below)

Research on best practice suggests we base service-learning projects on the IPARDC model. This means adults need to involve students in every part of the process—

  • Investigation
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Reflection
  • Demonstration
  • Celebration

And if kids truly exercise voice and choice through all these steps, they will be ready to plan their next service-learning project when the first is completed!

Middle School Strategy Matrix: 6th - 8th grades Service-Learning Unit

Facilitator Guides for Middle School Service-Learning 

Assertion Jar

Backward Planning and Action

Citizenship Reflection

Class Service Project

DIY Pledge

Earth Faces Serious Problem!

Greens & Browns of Composting

How Long Does That Trash Last?

Investigation Presentation

Investigation thru Geocaching

Microbes and Composting

People for the Planet

Photo Reflections

Planning a Service Project

Pledge Tree

The Story of Stuff

Water Around the World

Water, Water, Everywhere

Writing a Persuasive Letter

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