Service Learning

"I'm a homeschool teacher and momma of two. My two little ones and I wanted to give your page, http://www.keepiowabeautiful.com/teachers-going-green/resources/web-sites, some praise. It has some great resources that we were able to incorporate into our learning."

- Stephanie Bushfield, , Home School Parent

How does service-learning engage kids in the classroom and school? What do community organizations have to offer our school? Where is the research that shows service-learning really works? How can we share the great stuff our kids are doing in the community?

Service-learning is at the heart of the Keep Iowa Beautiful philosophy of youth education. We believe it’s an important educational tool for engaging students through college. Service-learning involves children, youth and young adults in creating, developing and evaluating projects that address real-world problems. Quality service-learning projects connect young Iowans to community, and empower them to make valuable contributions.

Service learning strengthens educational and personal growth, and promotes a life-long commitment to active citizenship in a diverse society. 

Service-Learning Survey

Global Youth Service Day

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