School Gardens

     “A Garden for Every School” is a Free Video-Training Program

    Why School Gardens?

    Increased Academic Performance: 

    Higher test scores in math, science and language arts.

    Higher retention of material learned

    (2013 Review of Educational Research and 2009 Journal of Environmental Education)

    Improved Behavior:

    Increase in life skills, ability to work with others

    Decrease in ADHD symptoms

    Increase in self-awareness

    (2005 HortTechnology and 2004 American Journal of Public Health)

    Healthier Kids:

    Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables among students & families

    Increased physical activity & lower blood pressure

    (2015 Journal of School Health and 2012 Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

    Two Ways to Apply for a School Garden Grant--

    1. Attend School Garden 101 Training near you:

    In 2018, Keep Iowa Beautiful, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and others are collaborating to bring this five-session workshop series to counties around Iowa. Bringing a team to complete this training is the easiest way to qualify for up to $1000 for your school garden. Locations are:

       1. Black Hawk County

       2. Cass County (June 2018)

       3. Franklin County

       4. Linn County (June 2018)

       5. Woodbury County

    As part of the training, teams are asked to submit a set of planning guides they developed as part of the training that document plans for:

       • Tying the garden to classroom education

       • A committed team with clear roles

       • Attention to the nitty-gritty

       • Sustainability            


    2. Watch the Training Videos and complete the Planning Guides:

    Use the ten video modules to guide you through the accompanying planning guides. You can complete them in any order, at any time during the year.

       1. Build Your Team

       2. Brainstorm Resources

       3. Expectations & Roles

       4. Identify Garden Goals

       5. Choose the Right Plants

       6. Design Your Garden

       7. Maintain Your Garden

       8. Manage Year Round

       9. Engage Classrooms

       10. Celebrate & Revisit Plan 


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