9th-12th Grade

Have you heard that kids are smarter now than they were when we were kids? I have, and I’m starting to believe it. There’s so much information in the world, and much of it is easy to access. Teachers Going Green is committed to helping schools and organizations make kids even smarter than they are now.

Because that’s our top priority, we tied the resources in Teachers Going Green to the Iowa and Common Core Standards. Here is the list of Standards that align best with service-learning as a best practice. Service- learning engages kids and helps them see the relevance of school to their lives. We tied service-learning to academics by using the Core, and Teachers Going Green facilitator guides teach Core Concepts and Skills in all subject matter areas—Mathematics, English Language Literacy, Science (we’re even staying caught up on the Next Generation Science Standards), Social Studies and 21st Century Skills! You'll find the Service-Learning Strategy and Facilitator Guides here.

Meanwhile, we are working harder than ever to get the word out about this amazing FREE resource. Please try some of these lessons and pass them on if you like them. If you don't, or even if you do, let us know by completing the Clean and Green Survey. 

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