3rd Grade

Clean and Green Third Grade Program Guide 

Welcome to Clean and Green for 3rd Grade. We hope you'll enjoy using the lessons here to enrich your classroom or afterschool program. Clean and Green is based on the Iowa Core and the Common Core State Standards that guide schools and teachers to provide the best education possible for Iowa children. We've recently added lessons that address the Next Generation Science Standards so now there is even more to Clean and Green! We're pretty sure you'll be excited about the approaches these new lessons take. Five subject-matter areas of the Core provide the top axis of the Clean and Green Matrix, and work well with the Keep Iowa Beautiful goals of:

  • Service-Learning
  • Character Development
  • Place-Based Education

This program is designed to help teachers and youth development professionals guide children through engaging activities during and after school, and during the summer. Please provide feedback to help us continue improving the program. Email Heather Staebellk or complete the Clean and Green survey here.

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