Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Personal Planning to Keep Iowa Beautiful

Planned giving is a set of ways an individual can provide money/assets to a nonprofit such as Keep Iowa Beautiful during their life or at death. It is a way to invest money so that the donor receives benefits during his/her life and then bequeaths the remaining funds to the nonprofit. Planned giving, when set up correctly provides future income to Keep Iowa Beautiful thereby allowing the organization to continue its critical programming well into the future. With your gift you will be assisting with support of KIB’s core values:

  • Integrity – honoring our promises; embracing openness & transparency. 
  • Passion – believing in our mission; achieving clarity of purpose; investing enthusiastically of our time, talent and financial resources. 
  • Achievement – planning realistically; striving for optimal results; holding ourselves accountable; reaching for the stars. 
  • Compassion – caring for Iowa; giving to others what we want for ourseleves. 
  • Enjoyment – seeking fellowship, friendship and fun while serving others; doing what we love and loving what we do. 
  • Empowerment – supporting and motivating each of us to do our part. 
  • Recognition – honoring one another’s gifts of time, talent and financial support.

With your gift, KIB will continue to: 

  • Assist communities and organizations in community enhancement through cleanup and beautification projects- building pride and respect. 
  • Expanding on the concept of service learning in our schools by building the commitment to improving the neighborhood and community 
  • Conduct research studies that will help to understand how we can change behavior patterns to increase respect for land and property and one another. 
  • Provide anti-littering and beautification education programs. 
  • Increase public awareness of the costs of littering and community cleanliness. 
  • Encourage regional groups and communities to become Keep Iowa Beautiful affiliate/partner members. 
  • Conduct market research.

Examples of Planned Giving Options

Bequest - Just takes a simple designation in your will or trust and costs nothing during lifetime. They are easy and revocable if situation changes.

Living Trust - Avoids probate. Just name the Keep Iowa Beautiful as a beneficiary.

Gift Annuity - A simple agreement that can increase your cash flow from a gift that provides guaranteed fixed payments for life. Lifetime annuity payments, based on age may be two or three times higher than your cash return on low-earning securities or CDs.

Life Insurance - Donate policy and deduct future premium payments, or just name KIB as the policy beneficiary. Individuals typically pay less than $1 for $1 of coverage.

Charitable Remainder Trust - Great tool for selling assets tax-free and receiving income for life; the remaining assets go to Keep Iowa Beautiful. It provides steady cash flow and can be more beneficial than keeping an asset or selling it outright.

Retirement Assets - Retirement funds paid to your kids at your passing can get hit with income and estate taxes, but are tax-free to KIB.

Charitable Lead Trust - You greatly reduce or avoid estate tax on trust assets passing to family... if some trust income goes to KIB for a few years. Trust provides generous estate and gift tax deductions for wealth transferred to family at a more mature age.

Family Business Stock - When the time comes to transfer or sell the family business, there are tax and practical reasons for including Keep Iowa Beautiful in the plan. Tax advisors can be very creative.

Donor Advised Fund - Works like a ‘charitable bank account’ — claim deduction now and decide later when Keep Iowa Beautiful will receive the funds. You can retain control and family influence over charitable dollars.

Private Foundation - Lets you and your family invest and control your charitable dollars.

Lifetime Bequest (Gift Now + Estate Pledge) - Secures a current gift and increases potential for an even larger estate gift. A long- term pledge binding your estate can leverage donor recognition from KIB for these linked gifts.

In Kind Rather than Cash?

Real Estate - Great for making a gift to KIB and also transferring the burden of managing the property. It won’t reduce your disposable funds.

Bargain Sale – You can sell your property at a discount, deduct the difference, and receive a lump sum or installment payments. It won’t reduce your disposable funds.

Life Estate Deed - You can deed your home or farm property to charity, save taxes with a current deduction, and still use the property for the rest of your life. It won’t reduce your disposable funds.

Art and Other Assets - Gift allows others to appreciate your special holdings. It won’t reduce your disposable funds. 

If KIB could show you a way to redirect your taxes to benefit your family, your community and our mission, would you give us a half an hour to discuss that with you? Once you have decided to consider the opportunity, the key step is to visit with your accountant / attorney to discuss the option that best fits your situation. Contact Gerry Schnepf, Executive Director ( or Julie M Bailey, KIB Director of Advancement Services ( to begin the discussion about your own personalized giving program in support of Keep Iowa Beautiful (

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