Keep Iowa Beautiful's endowment is an important component of our diversified revenues. 

There is currently $568,000 in the endowment and more is needed! The endowment can insure against the future. By spending only the interest from the endowment, Keep Iowa Beautiful reduces dependency on other revenue sources. Donors can take comfort in a strong endowment that will ensure Keep Iowa Beautiful's future! Each donor gift keeps giving well into the future yet allows us to fund the operational and programming needs.

Keep Iowa Beautiful Endowment is administered through the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines within the Endow Iowa program. 

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The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines is a qualified community foundation that provides access to Endow Iowa Tax Credits. Endow Iowa allows taxpayers to receive a 25% Iowa tax credit in addition to normal federal charitable income tax deductions for certain charitable gifts. Approximately $6 million in Endow Iowa Tax Credits will be awarded in 2013.

Click here to learn more about endowments: https://www.desmoinesfoundation.org/power-of-endowment.aspx


  • Tax credits of 25% of the gifted amount are limited to $300,000 per person. 
  • Eligible gifts will qualify for credits on a first-come/first-serve basis until the yearly appropriated limit is reached. If the current available Endow Iowa Tax Credits have been awarded, qualified donors will be eligible for the next year’s Endow Iowa Tax Credits. The Community Foundation encourages donors to act early in the year to ensure they receive Endow Iowa credits. 
  • All qualified donors have five years to use their Endow Iowa Tax Credits. 
  •  Endow Iowa Tax Credits allow donors to have even greater impact on their philanthropic interests in Greater Des Moines now and into the future.
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