Paint Iowa Beautiful

Keeping up the appearance of our buildings and facilities is an important component of viable communities. Well-maintained and painted buildings reflect pride in our communities. Through a partnership with Diamond Vogel Paint of Orange City, Iowa groups can receive paint for community enhancement projects. More than 5,000 gallons of paint have been donated to community groups through the Paint Iowa Beautiful program. 

2016 Paint Iowa Beautiful Award Winners 2016 Paint Iowa Beautiful Award Winners (157 KB)

Who Can Apply:

Public or private Iowa nonprofit organizations

2017 Deadline: February 17, 2017

Award Announcements: Mid-April of each calendar year.

Mail or email applications to: Keep Iowa Beautiful, 300 E. Locust St., Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50309


Submit a letter or e-mail (preferred) request containing:

  • Description of the project 
  • The reasons why you need or deserve the paint 
  • Number of gallons desired 
  • Government or nonprofit status 
  • Volunteer involvement or paid staff 
  • Tentative schedule for the project 
  • Plans for media or news involvement to give recognition to Diamond Vogel and Keep Iowa Beautiful 
  • Photography plans for the project (digital preferred)
  • Contact name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.


Paint will be purchased from your local Diamond Vogel Paint dealer (Find Iowa locations at The invoice for the number of gallons of the award should be sent to Keep Iowa Beautiful at 300 E. Locust St., Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50309.

Upon receipt of the notification of payment, a check will be sent to the award recipient (normally within a week of receipt of the invoice/payment notice). Reimbursement will be made for paint only – not for items such as rollers, brushes, scrapers, etc.


Copies of any photos (with everyone and everything clearly identified) and news or media coverage should be submitted as soon as possible after the project is completed. Please include any quotes from community leaders that might be used by either Keep Iowa Beautiful or Diamond Vogel Paint Company.


  • Large-volume requests (over 30 gallons) will generally receive a lower rating 
  • Projects that have high community value or that are highly visible will receive greater points 
  • Projects involving volunteers will also be rated higher 
  • Programs assisting the disadvantaged will receive additional points 
  • Projects with youth involvement will also receive additional points 
  • Government agencies will generally not receive as high a rating as nonprofits and service clubs, except where volunteer, disadvantaged or youth involvement is strong 
  • Partnership projects (government with nonprofits or service clubs) will be rated higher 
  • Awarded grants are applicable only for the calendar year in which the award is granted. There is no carryover to the next year. Those not using their allocation or award must reapply for the next year

More Information:

Contact Bill Jackson, associate director of KIB at 515.323.6537 or

Have leftover paint from your project? Contact your local waste authority for information on recycling and disposal programs in your area. Recycle paint and used paint containers wherever possible. Consider donating leftover paint to local organizations which are collecting used paint for work projects.

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