New Geocaching Resource


Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors and get some hands-on technology learning! One of our fans and her kids suggests this site, and we'll be adding it to the Resources Pages. Here's a fairly comprehensive Geocaching page that it led me to. Please check out our geocaching lessons in the following grade levels:

Here's what Stephanie Bushfield says about Teachers Going Green:

I'm a homeschool teacher and momma of two. My little ones and I wanted to give your page some praise. It has some great resources that we were able to incorporate into our learning. :) As we were doing some research online, my kids found another great resource. They thought it'd be a terrific resource to add to your other list. They think the other visitors of your page would find it very informative and helpful...just as they did!

Thanks Stephanie! Does anyone have other resources to share? Please join the conversation!
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