From our Fans in Compton

12-Jun-2013 Today I got this email from Compton Community Center--

Hi There!
I just wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of some of the kids in our After School Program! We've been using your page quite a bit while going over  good character qualities and leadership resources, it has been super helpful :)
As a Thank You, a couple of the kids also found and wanted to pass along this page about Character Education Fundamentals. We've actually been using it just as much as your page and thought that maybe you would want to include it on your Character Education page! 
I was hesitant to email you at first but the kids keep asking if I've talked to you about it yet haha (they're so cute!) Would you possibly consider adding it for them?  
I would love to surprise them before we finish the unit this Friday, that their research find has actually benefited someone else! They would be so excited!...and I may even surprise them with a pizza party :)
Thanks again!

And we did!

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