Civic Engagement Resources


Service learning and civic engagement are closely tied. You may think involving kids with social issues is scary or difficult, but think about how the latest news is often about issues that directly affect kids. It's time to start working with them to solve the problems.

The Iowa Afterschool Alliance recently named Bobby Washington, Jr. Outstanding Afterschool Student in Iowa. At just ten years old, he created Books From Bobby to enter an entrepreneurial competition.

Bobby has turned his idea into a thriving organization to eliminate illiteracy. He speaks out about how the simple act of reading has opened doors for him. It's really never too early to start talking with children about how they can make their communities better.

Or for them to start doing it. TGG resources can make it easy to find out what kids are concerned about, and help them do something about it:

  • Find lessons for involving third graders in investigation
  • Find a unit to work on issues like conservation, health or where food comes from here
  • Find standards for best practice in service learning here
Check out this article from the National AfterSchool Association about how to lead a project and the lasting benefits of incorporating youth civic engagement activities to out-of-school time programming! And have fun!
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