Looking for resources for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math activities? Here are a few ideas for anyone teaching STEM lessons to youngsters.

STEM Guidebook - How to Run & Design Great Program & Activities - Principals, classroom teachers, community leaders, museum educators, parents, volunteers or people who work in STEM fields can use this guide to support out-of-school time experiences in their schools or communities. 

And here are a few of the links you will find in the STEM Guidebook mentioned above. 

  • TASC: STEM Videos - short videos that demonstrate how engaging inquiry-based STEM learning can be, go to the TASC YouTube channel and search for videos that focus on science or STEM 
  • Aspire- The STEM activity app - This app is designed to foster positive STEM interactions between students and families. Sign up and you'll receive STEM activities suitable for families to share.
  • Here you’ll find information about the federal initiative to improve the participation and performance of American students in STEM.
  • This project, a partnership between IBM and science-technology centers worldwide, offers activities and ways to connect with the centers, such as video and live cams.
STEM Units:

STEM Unit - Kindergarten 

STEM Unit -  1st grade

STEM Unit -  2nd grade 

STEM Unit -  3rd grade 

STEM Unit -  4th grade 

STEM Unit -  5th grade

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